Pharmacist consultation

  • Our Gateway Apothecary pharmacists are available for free medication reviews.        

Patient assistance programs/Prior Authorizations

  • Our Gateway Apothecary staff is well versed with patient assistance programs.  We will work with your insurance to make certain you are getting the medications you need.  

Interpreter services

  • At Gateway Apothecary we are able to remove language barriers by having access to interpreter services to ensure patients are able to be heard and included in their health care.  

Synchronized refills

  • We can coordinate all of your prescriptions into one monthly pick-up or delivery

Reminder calls when refill medications are ready

  • Gateway Apothecary staff will contact you when it’s time to refill your medications and schedule pick-up or delivery to ensure you do not run out of your medications.

Personalized service

  • At Gateway Apothecary we understand that everyone has different needs and we personalize services for each individual patient.

Medication Therapy Management

  • Our focus is to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients.

Specialty pharmacy

  • Gateway Apothecary is an ACHC accredited specialty pharmacy.  Specialties include HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.   

Patient advocacy

  • At Gateway Apothecary we give our patients a voice by providing education and assistance to help navigate health care. 

PrEP Clinic

  • The PrEP Clinic at Gateway Apothecary was initiated in December 2016.  Currently Gateway Apothecary’s PrEP Clinic works in collaboration with several doctors and clinics in the St. Louis area.  Contact us for more details. 

Injection services 

  • Pharmacists can play an important role in medication compliance by offering on site administration of injectable medications.  There are many benefits to this regimen including medication review, coordination of refills and insurance claim management.  All providing another level of support to physicians and their patients.
  • Gateway Apothecary is staffed with pharmacists certified to administer injectable medications in our pharmacies along with a nurse.    Our North County location, Beverly Hills Pharmacy pharmacists are also able to provide injection services.
  • Strip packaging is an alternative to pill boxes.  When the medication leaves the pharmacy, it has already been placed in chronological dose packs.  Each individual dose package includes the required prescription information and a pill description for simple identification. ​​
Phone: (314) 381-1818 
Toll-free: (888) 569-0587

Strip packaging:

  • Reduces errors due to spills and complex regimens
  • Convenient for taking medication while away from home
  • Promotes medication adherence, translating to the patient less likely of missing a dose of medication
  • Efficient and effective method of helping organize medication by time

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Services Offered

Free home delivery

Gateway Apothecary offers FREE delivery of prescription medications to St. Louis City and St. Louis County.  Gateway Apothecary only employs dedicated and courteous drivers who understand the mission:  “to provide the highest level of customer service”.  Getting medications to our patients in a timely manner is an important component of our commitment.  We are confident that our delivery staff, when coupled with our experience provides an unparalleled value.

  • Pill vials are the most common packaging method of prescriptions.
  • Medication pill cards and blisters have been an industry staple for over 40 years and are a safe way to send medications.

Prescription Packaging

We strive to provide services tailored to our patient needs.  We can best meet patient needs with a variety of prescription packaging options.