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It’s a blessing to have someone to care for your health”

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New Patients:

At Gateway Apothecary our philosophy is to treat our customers as a partner in wellness.​

Our Promise:

We pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our customers.  We have assembled a first-class team of thoughtful, helpful, and highly educated professionals dedicated to the finest customer service.

We are in the healthcare business.  Our specialty is pharmacy.  Our goal is solutions. 

Customer Testimonials

The Difference

We do not provide unique products or services, but our customer service is extraordinary.  There is a BIG difference between a pharmacy providing prescription services and a company truly providing CUSTOMER SERVICE.  We pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our customers and look forward to meeting your pharmacy needs.

I have never been to a pharmacy that seems to care about the patients as Gateway Apothecary.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Gateway a 15”

There is nothing more to say, Gateway service speaks for itself”

Gateway has made a huge difference in my healthcare.  You have gone above and beyond making sure that I get vital medications when I need them.  I cannot thank this staff enough.  Thank you ALL!!!”

Our Services:

Gateway Apothecary offers a diverse selection of services to meet your individualized health needs. 

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